Natural mineral makeup sizes on this page are for loose mineral makeup, night, blemish and
balancing treatment products. Other product sizes are listed on their individual product pagse.  All
containers used at SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup are non-toxic, food safe, BPA and Phthalate
free and are made in the USA.

SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup full size products are filled to the capacity of the jar so
you get a full jar of minerals
.  Many people are confused when it comes to loose mineral
makeup sizes.  Minerals vary in weight so it is difficult to know just how much product you are
getting by the gram weight alone.

Mineral foundations are heavier in weight than mineral finishing veils so filling by volume assures
you get a full jar of minerals giving you the same amount of product in the same size jar even
though the weight is different.  The jars can only hold so much product.

SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup uses only premium grade cosmetic minerals that are lightweight
on the skin and light in weight, so they may weigh less than other brands packaged in the same
size jars.

No heavy fillers or heavy minerals are used in SunCat Minerals.  A small airspace is left inside the
jar so the minerals move freely.  This keeps the minerals inside the jars when they are opened.  
Minerals settle during shipment.
5 Gram Jars |  1.25 inch diameter 5/8 inch tall (30 mm diameter 15 mm tall)  | Sifter top with seal.  Full jar of premium SunCat
Minerals.  Volume 5 grams, approximate mineral weight 1.5gm / 0.05oz.

10 Gram Jars |  1.5 inch diameter 6/8 inch tall (37 mm diameter 19 mm tall) | Twist & lock top. Full jar of premium SunCat
Minerals. Volume 10 grams, approximate mineral weight 3gm / 0.10oz.

20 Gram Jars  |  2 inch diameter 3/4 inch tall (50 mm diameter 19 mm tall)  | Twist & lock sifter top. Full jar of premiuim
SunCat Minerals.  Volume 20 grams, approximate mineral weight 6gm / 0.21oz.

30 Gram Jars |  2 inch diameter 1 inch tall ( 50 mm diameter 25 mm tall) |  Twist & lock sifter top.  Full jar of premium SunCat
Minerals.  Volume 30 grams, Approximate mineral weight 10gm / 0.35oz.
Full sizes | Premium clear jars with shiny black lids. Jars are filled to the capacity of the container with premium SunCat Minerals. Jars
can be reused.
SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup is a no frills eco-friendly company and supports the environment.  Products are packaged in
minimal packaging to help reduce the impact on the environment.  Refill packets are available so you can refill and reuse your makeup jars.
Packaging is biodegradeable.
Refills |  Zip top packets with a spatula.  Refill packets contain the same amount of product as the full size jar they are refilling. To refill the
locate where the top meets the jar.  Using a small flat tip screwdriver, a butter knife or your fingers locate where the top meets the jar then
pry up the top all around the rim of the jar (like opening a paint can) and pull it off.  Refill your jars. Then press the top back on firmly pressing
the edges down.
Discovery sample jars | 5gm jars with black lids, no sifter tops. Discovery sample jars provide enough minerals for multiple applications.  
The number of applications will vary depending on the product and the amount of makeup used for each application. A spatula is included with
each customer order. The
spatula can be purchased individually. Sample jars have replaced the zip top packets.
Mineral Makeup Sizes
Mineral Makeup Sizes
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twist and lock rotating sifter top for mineral makeup jars
twist and lock rotating top for mineral makeup
20 & 30 gram twist & lock sifter top
sifter on one side
twist to open, twist back to click closed
10 gram twist & lock top
opening on one side
twist to open, twist back to click closed
NOTE: Jars have a new twist & lock top on the 10, 20 & 30 gram jars. If you would rather have the traditional sifter top with a seal send a
message with your order. Effective 9.15.17